DB 005: Inspiring Lessons On Life & History With Dan Carlin & The “History Of Your Favorite Thing” Challenge



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In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Dan Carlin, who the Huffington Post has called America’s Best History Teacher.  His podcasts, HardCore History and Common Sense, are among the most popular in the world with tens of millions of downloads.  Dan is a master storyteller and history buff, and his detail-rich episodes often venture into the three or even four-hour threshold.  We aim to keep our podcasts in the 15-20 minute range, and that is a ton of work.  We admire Dan’s work ethic, as it takes great discipline and passion to put together such an incredible show.



  • Why everyone is interested in history – whether you realize it or not
  • Dan’s take on why humans tend to repeat history
  • The best way for parents to pick the right books to encourage kids to develop a love of history
  • Why you should always push forward in life to see where your talent and passion will take you
  • Dan’s advice to young kids about how everything gets better in life
  • How you can use your unique qualities to your advantage
  • How difficult periods help define you as a person and can be helpful down the road
  • How Dan views his life journey like a ride at Disneyland
  • Why he does not have a big dream



In this episode, we asked Dan how to encourage kids to develop a love of history.  Dan explained that there is a history to everything, so the best place to start is learning the history of your top interests.  Whether you love video games, soccer, ballet or ice cream — you can go learn all about how it came into existence and got to where it is today. We created this personalized sheet challenge you to learn the history of your top interest, and you can even add your face and name to the sheet. This is a 100% free download and you can create as many as you want — we encourage the entire family to participate!

When you complete the challenge, let Olga know at [email protected]. You will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card and 1-month free membership in Post Pal Club. Winners are selected monthly and contacted by email (as well as announced on our show!).


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