DB 032: Motivational Speaker Sean Stephenson On Overcoming Obstacles & Building Confidence

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This week, we are honored to introduce you Big Dreamers to Sean Stephenson, a therapist, self-help author and motivational speaker. Sean was born with a rare bone disorder called Osteogenesis Imperfecta that stunted his growth and caused his bones to be extremely fragile. Despite all the medical challenges he has faces over his life, Sean made the decision to lead an extraordinary life and has inspired millions worldwide, including Sir Richard Branson, President Clinton, Tony Robbins and the Dalai Lama.

One of Sean’s biggest passions is helping to teach kids how to build confidence, and Sean is creating a program to teach parents how to raise confidence kids.   To learn more about Sean and this new important training, please go to seanstephenson.com/dreambig


  • What Osteogenesis Imperfecta is and the challenges Sean has faced as a result of this condition.
  • How Sean’s mother inspired him to accept his condition.
  • Sean’s advice is for kids who are being bullied in school.
  • The exact phrase you can say to someone who is bullying you.
  • How Sean developed his confidence and how you can too!
  • How and why he decided to become a motivational speaker.
  • How he met his wife Mindie and how their love story started on Facebook.
  • Sean’s definition of success.
  • Sean’s daily routines.
  • Sean’s big dream for the future.


You can sign up to the confident kids program here

In this episode, Sean shares how confidence is like a muscle, and the more courageous actions you take the more confident you will become. We created this awesome illustration to remind you of this important lesson, which you can customize with your face and name.  As always, our episode download is 100% free and you can claim yours here.

Also, we highly encourage you to sign up to learn more about Sean’s upcoming training to teach parents how to raise confident kids. We are not getting paid to promote the training.  We just believe in Sean’s mission and are big fans of his work. You can learn more here.

And if this coming week you print out our download and work on building your confidence muscle, please let Olga know by emailing her at [email protected].


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