DB 103: Kobe Bryant, Lakers Legend, On Curiosity, Teamwork, And His Big Dream For The Future!

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About a week ago, Kobe Bryant’s manager reached out to us about coming on the Dream Big Podcast. We’ve always initiated contact with our guests and work really hard on personalized invitations, so you can imagine the shock to find out we were going to have Kobe on the show and that his team had contacted us! We were especially excited because we live in Los Angeles, and are huge Lakers fans (and therefore huge Kobe Bryant fans).

The reason Kobe reached out to Eva is because he and an incredible team of creatives recently launched a new family-friendly podcast called The Punies. The podcast is about an eclectic group of neighborhood friends, known as The Good Ol’ Gang, who play sports and take on adventures together. Each episode shares important life lessons on how to play with joy and limitless imagination, the way sports should be played. We’ve listened to all the episodes, and it should come as no surprise that since Kobe put it out — the podcast is amazing.

I imagine that almost everybody listening knows who Kobe is — but for our youngest Big Dreamers — he is one of top 5 — if not the best basketball player to ever live. He played 20 years for the Los Angeles Lakers — getting drafted out of high school and playing for the Lakers his entire career. He brought the city of LA 5 NBA championships. This interview focuses on what Kobe has been doing since his retirement — and how the next chapter of his life will be even more impactful than the time he spent as a Laker. Enjoy!


  • Kobe and Eva talk about their mutual friend, Cal Fussman.
  • Why Kobe decided to make storytelling the focal point of the next chapter of his career.
  • What valuable lessons Kobe learned from his 20-year career of playing basketball.
  • Kobe talks about the concept of his latest project, The Punies.
  • How her daughter relates to one of the characters in the Good Ol Gang.
  • The qualities Kobe and his team looked for to choose the actors for The Punies.
  • Why it is an important theme for kids to know how to deal with both winning and losing in life.
  • Kobe on the power of working as a team, and how much more you can accomplish together.
  • Why it is important to surround yourself with people who believe in your dream.
  • Kobe’s BIG DREAM for the future.
  • And so much more!



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