DB 177: Marketing Legend Russell Brunson On Creating Irresistible Offers + My Very First Funnel!

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If you are a long-time listener of the Dream Big Podcast, you know that Russell Brunson has had a major influence on my life. I’ve already done 4 solo episodes sharing with you Big Dreamers the life-changing strategies I have learned directly from his teachings. So I could not be more excited to share that Russell is this week’s guest on the Dream Big Podcast. Russell is probably most famous for popularizing the concept of sales funnels and launching ClickFunnels, a software that enables anyone with a voice to create an irresistible offer and then sell that offer online via a sales funnel.

But to me, Russell should be most famous for being one of the world’s best teachers. He provides frameworks that anyone can follow to share their unique gift with the world. Since today’s interview is with the “category king” of Sales Funnels, I thought it would be the perfect time to show my mentor how even a 10 year old can “Do What Russell Says” and create an irresistible offer. So after you listen to my interview with the legendary Russell Brunson, you can check out my first funnel at SchoolSuccessBlueprint.com — where I teach the top mindset and productivity principles for your kids to excel academically and socially at school. I have put together an incredible “stack” (my fellow Funnel Hackers will know what that means!), and you can give your kids a life-changing toolkit for less than what it costs for a family outing to IHOP 🙂 But first, please enjoy my interview with my mentor Russell Brunson. In the resources section below, I’ll also include links to the 4 solo episodes where I talk about what I’ve learned from consuming Russell’s content.


  • Wy Russell was so fascinated by the junk mail like sales letters and coupon magazines that were sent to his parents’ house when he was a child – and how he even opted in to receive more junk mail!
  • Russell shares some keys on creating irresistible offers.
  • Eva shares a story of how she used what she learned in one of Russels’ events, Unlock the Secrets, to persuade her parents to let her do something they had been saying No to forever.
  • Why Russell is so fascinated by the art of storytelling.
  • Russell explains why asking “What If” is so important, and why it would be helpful even for younger big Dreamers to learn to ask that question before deciding that something is impossible. 
  • Why Russell is a big proponent of spending more time producing content than consuming it.
  • Russell shares how and why he continues to make family such a huge priority in his life.
  • Russell’s Big Dream for the future.
  • And so much more!



School Success Blueprint teaches your kids the top productivity and mindset strategies to excel academically and socially at school. Learning these principles at a young age will give your child a lifetime of advantages.


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