DB 186: Play This Game & Make April Your Best Month Ever. Join The Score 4 Challenge

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In our last episode, we revealed how after a very chaotic Week 1 of this new stay-at-home reality, we made huge strides by coming up with a daily planning system for our family.  This past week we made another huge improvement by literally gamifying our day. The game is called Score 4, and the goal of the game is to see if you can score 4 points. To do so, you need to score 1 point in each of the following 4 categories: (1) Body; (2) Brain; (3) Best Friends & Family; and (4) Big Dreams.  We’ve been playing, testing and perfecting the game this week, and it has been AMAZING. So amazing that our family will be doing a Score 4 challenge during the entire month of April. There are 30 days in the month, so that means the maximum amount you can score is 120 points.  

In this week’s episode, Eva shares the rules of the game and some really neat prizes we are going to give the Big Dreamers who score the most points in April.  If you would like to participate with us in the April Score 4 challenge, then be sure to join our “Dream Big Squad” Facebook Group.  There, we shared a PDF of our Daily Planning sheet, which incorporates the Score 4 game.  We’ll also be going live in our Group in April to connect with all you Big Dreamers who are participating in the Score4 challenge with us, and share some fun ideas for how you can score 4 points each day.  So join the Group. Let’s make the most of this situation, and find a way to strengthen our minds and bodies during this unprecedented time in modern history.


We put together a Resources Page with over 50 hours of content, including a collection of Eva’s favorite interviews and solo episodes since launching the podcast in 2016.   Our mind is like a garden. If you don’t care for your garden weeds will grow, and we need to give our brains tender loving care by filling it with messages of inspiration, positive and hope.  So go to DBP.com/resources and bookmark the page to enjoy over 50 hours of Eva’s favorite personal growth content.

FREE Positive Mindset course 

The course contains 5 professionally illustrated video lessons (taught by Eva) and an accompanying PDF fill-in-the-blank workbook.  This is not content we rushed to put together in the last few days. It is part of a premium course we will be releasing later this year, but we know how important it is to keep a positive outlook through this ordeal so we are releasing this now FREE OF CHARGE.   

You can claim the course here now: https://dreambigpodcast.com/positivemindset

FREE Facebook Group called the Dream Big Squad

With our entire family home, we will be sharing videos showing you behind-the-scenes on how we are maintaining a good attitude during these trying times.  The podcast is audio-only so we are looking forward to sharing video content in the Group and connecting with you on a more personal level. Join the squad here:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/dreambigsquad/   

ADDED BONUS:  If you join the Group, you will see we are offering a bonus course on how kids can be more confident speakers (this is for those who leave their email address in the Group’s questionnaire). 

Thank you so much for being part of this community.   We will get through this together! 


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