DB 208: What’s Your Comeback Rate? The Answer Is Your Key To A Happy Life!

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Eva often gets asked by her friends and fans of the podcast: “Eva, are you always feeling positive emotions? Do you ever get upset? Or angry? Or disappointed?” Eva’s answer is always along the lines of: “Of course, I’m not always happy. I’m not always in a great mood. But… and this makes all the difference in the world, I have trained my brain to not get stuck in a negative state. So when I do feel negative emotions, I can identify those feelings and take action to put myself back in a good mood.”

In other words, Eva doesn’t let bad news ruin her entire day, as many kids and even adults often do. Instead, she has trained her brain to “come back” to a happy state very quickly. The brilliant Gabby Bernstein has coined this concept as the “comeback rate” and in this episode Eva shares why learning to have a fast comeback rate is the key to a happy life, as well as some of her favorite ways to get back to a beautiful state when she does feel negative emotions. We hope that Gabby will one day be a guest on the podcast so that she can share more on the comeback rate, and other nuggets of wisdom as well!

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