DB 227: Why Monks Are Happy And Billionaires Are Often Not

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Last week, Sophia was overtired and started to have a temper tantrum. She told us that the only thing that can make her stop crying and cure her sadness was a new toy. In fact, she said that if we got her this new toy she would never be sad again. Of course, we all know that getting Sophia a toy would not lead to her everlasting happiness, but in this episode Eva really dives into WHY money and the material possessions it can buy can never guarantee your happiness. Eva borrows some great lessons from Jay Shetty’s new book Think Like A Monk, which is one of our favorite books of 2020.

Jay draws the following distinction between success and happiness in his book: “Success is earning money, being respected in your work, executing projects smoothly and receiving accolades. Happiness is feeling good about yourself, having close relationships, making the world a better place.”

We believe this is such an important concept to teach our children at a young age. I know many of our kids (including Eva and Sohpia!) are excited to open their presents this holiday season. But in this episode, Eva shares why those gifts are not the key to our happiness, and why fulfillment must come from within. Thank you Jay for the great lesson, and we hope you’ll be Eva’s guest on the podcast in the not so distant future 🙂


Jay Shetty Website

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