DB 229: My 1st Time Jet Skiing. What Happened And What I Learned!

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A few months ago, the family of Eva’s best friends Sienna and Cayenne got jet skis. Sienna and Cayenne have been telling Eva about their weekends at the lake, and how much fun the entire family has been having with their new toys. In turn, we’ve been hearing non-stop from Eva about how much she wants to jet ski. We had the opportunity over Thanksgiving weekend to rent a jet ski and needless to say, Eva jumped on the opportunity 🙂

In this week’s episode, Eva shares the story of her experience, as well as the important life lessons she learned which of course are equally applicable to all Big Dreamers. Based on how much Eva loved jet skiing and how determined this young lady can be, we have a feeling this will not be the last you will be hearing about Eva’s jet skiing adventures.


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