DB 230: How You Will Remember 2020 Comes Down To This One Word.

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We are just a few weeks away from closing out 2020. In January of this year, none of us could have ever imagined how 2020 would unfold. In-person schools, camps, sporting events, concerts, extracurricular activities… all CANCELLED. And even worse, millions of people contracting COVID and the impacts the shutdowns have had on the economy. With everything we just mentioned, it is easy to see how many will remember 2020 as the worst year ever.

But in this episode, Eva shares how we can look back at 2020 and actually find things to be grateful for. 2020 will soon be history, and one day our kids will tell their kids about what it was like living through a global pandemic. In this episode, Eva shares that how we will remember 2020 will come down to one word 🙂 You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out what that word is, but we did want to thank Gary Vaynerchuk for inspiring this episode. Gary is a legendary entrepreneur and thought leader who often talks about focusing on what you can control versus what you cannot.

To close the episode, Eva also shares an exercise we suggest you all do as a family before the end of the year to ensure your kids remember the positive aspects of 2020, and not just the negative ones. It no doubt has been an incredibly challenging year, but we are grateful to have grown closer as a family and to have shared this year with all you Big Dreamers.

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