DB 236: You Turn Author Ashley Stahl On Discovering Your Core Nature And Dream Career

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This week, Eva welcomes Ashley Stahl, a career coach, keynote speaker, podcast host (You Turn Podcast) and soon-to-be bestselling author of You Turn: Get Unstuck, Discover Your Direction, and Design Your Dream Career.  Ashley has had one of the most interesting career paths of any Dream Big Podcast guest, starting her career as a counterterrorism professional at the Pentagon in Washington, DC.  Ashley shares with Eva her fascinating journey from counterterrorism to career coaching and entrepreneurship, and offers incredible advice to our young Big Dreamers about discovering their core nature and starting to think about future career options that honor who we are and maximize our positive impact on the world.   Be sure to pick up a copy of Ashley’s new You Turn book, where she shares the strategies she’s used to help thousands ditch their Monday blues, get clarity on what work lights them up, and devise an action plan to create a career they love.


  • Ashley on why so many people don’t end up in careers that they are excited about.
  • How Ashley found her passion to help people succeed in the right career.
  • What “core nature” means, and helpful tips for our younger big dreamers on how to find their core nature.
  • Why Ashley hired a career coach when she left the Pentagon, and why it was one of the best decisions of her life. 
  • Why it is important for all our Big Dreamers to actively seek mentors and coaches.
  • Ashley talks about the importance of continuing to pursue your goals even when you get told “No” time and again.
  • Ashley’s advice to her 10-year old self.
  • Ashley’s Big Dream for the future.
  • And so much more!


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