DB 239: With Struggle Comes Strength. Just ask a Butterfly!

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This episode is inspired by the the world’s #1 brain coach Jim Kwik, who was Eva’s guest in episode 69 of the Dream Big Podcast. In a recent interview, Jim shared an analogy about the transformation of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Specifically, Jim pointed out that the caterpillar goes through a period of intense struggle inside a cocoon before emerging as a beautiful butterfly. In this episode, Eva utilizes Jim’s analogy to help answer a question emailed to Eva by Jenny Bernstein from Austin, Texas. Jenny is working on launching her own Youtube channel, and has not been able to press “Publish” on the handful of episodes that she has already recorded.

With an assist from Jim’s analogy, Eva shares why Jenny’s struggles are just part of her journey. This is an important episode for all Big Dreamers, young and old, who expect overnight results. We need to embrace the journey and understand that achieving our big dreams will not be easy, and that there will be many challenges along the way!


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