DB 241: The Secret Is… You Are Like A Thermostat!

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Ed Mylett is one of the top business leaders, peak performance experts, and keynote speakers in the world today.  There is a good reason why millions of people are interested in what Ed has to say.  He has walked the walk, and achieved great success in all aspects of his life from health, business, and relationships.   

One of Ed’s favorite analogies is how your identity is like the thermostat on the wall of your life.  Eva loved the analogy, and thought Ed had captured the perfect way to explain to our young Big Dreamers why it is so important to actively work on your identity — the thoughts, ideas, concepts and beliefs you hold to be true about yourself.   Your kids can listen to every episode of the Dream Big Podcast and learn all the tips and tricks from top performers like Ed, but it is all for nothing if they don’t develop a positive identity and believe in their potential.  Ed’s concept of the thermostat is a brilliant way to explain this, and we are excited to share this analogy with all the Big Dreamers as well as some of Ed’s tips on how to raise the temperature of your identity!


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