DB 258: Rebecca Zamolo, Youtuber Extraordinaire, On Why Awkward Moments Make Her Happy!

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We were thrilled when Rebecca Zamolo’s publicist reached out to see if Eva was interested in interviewing Rebecca, who is promoting her new book “The Game Master: Summer Schooled.” Rebecca is one of the most innovative content creators in the world, with multiple award winning Youtube channels with over 30 million subscribers. She also has had a fascinating life story, as Eva discovered while preparing for the interview. Rebecca was a competitive gymnast growing up, which is where she developed her incredible work ethic. She also studied Improv at Second City in Los Angeles, which is where she blossomed into a comedic actress. Everything Rebecca does is entertaining and will make you smile, including her interview with Eva 🙂 Be sure to check out Rebecca’s new book The Game Master: Summer Schooled!


  • Rebecca shares her childhood experience of being a gymnast.
  • Rebecca’s “secret sauce” to achieving her gymnastics dream.
  • Rebecca explains what Improv is and why she joined an improv class when she moved to Los Angeles.
  • How Rebecca’s improv class helped her develop her listening skills.
  • The benefits of creating a lot of content online — and how Rebecca comes up with ideas for her content.
  • What drives Rebecca to take on so many challenges and different skills in her life like being a gymnast, cheerleader, broadcaster, youtuber and now an author.
  • Rebecca shares how she came up with her new book, The Game Master: Summer Schooled.
  • What you’ll see when you watch Rebecca’s Youtube video series, Game Master.
  • Why awkward moments make Rebecca happy.
  • Rebecca’s Big Dream for the future.
  • And so much more!


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