DB 259: How To Get Comfortable With The Uncomfortable

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This week Eva shares lessons she learned from Luvvie Ajayi Jones’ Ted Talk entitled “Get Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable.” Luvvie is a bestselling author and world renowned speaker, but for many years she refused to publicly admit she was a writer. She had grown up dreaming of being a doctor, and feared that as a writer she would not be able to make ends meet.

When she was turning thirty, Luvvie decided to embrace the idea of stepping outside of her comfort zone, and in her Ted Talk, she shares stories about ziplining, scuba diving, and skydiving — all of which terrified her but helped her build confidence which ultimately played huge dividends in her career.

Inspired by Luvvie’s Ted Talk, Eva encourages all of you young Big Dreamers to push outside of your comfort zone, even if the actions you take are not directly related to your Big Dreams.


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