DB 260: The hard truth about pursuing your Big Dreams

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When we stumbled across a video on Matt D’Avella Youtube channel entitled “The truth about chasing your dreams,” we took the bait and had to watch. After all, this is the DREAM BIG Podcast and Eva’s mission is to encourage young Big Dreamers to believe in their dreams and take massive action in pursuit of those dreams.

In the video, Matt shared his “ 3-year rule” which is that in order to find success in any field you need to dedicate at least three years before you can expect to see significant results. And then he introduced Tommy Jackett and Josh Janssen, 2 friends from Australia who in 2018, 3 years ago, started a podcast called “The Daily Talk Show.”

Now you would expect that since Tommy and Josh had been podcasting for 3 years, they would have found “success,” right? It turns out that after three long years of consistent hard work, Tommy and Josh did not have nearly as big of an audience as they had expected, nor had they made enough money to quit their day jobs. But they both still consider their podcasting experience as a huge success!

In this episode, Eva explores the meaning of the word “success,” why success does not equal making lots of money, and even shares some unexpected “truths’ ‘ about the Dream Big Podcast, which she has hosted for nearly 5 years now!

Thank you Matt for the beautifully crafted video illuminating this hard truth about chasing your dreams and to Tommy and Josh for reminding us that followers and money does not equal success.


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