DB 275: My #1 Secret To Getting Good Grades At School

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At the beginning of the school year, we had a conversation with Eva about her classes.  Our advice was simple: Take the easy wins!  So many kids struggle at school academically because they fail to turn their homework in on time, they have missing assignments, they don’t take advantage of extra credit assignments when offered.   We explained to Eva that her classmates who don’t take the easy wins are facing an uphill battle to get good grades.  Eva has followed our advice, and she has seen firsthand how in some classes where she scored Bs or B+s on her exams, she still has an A overall because she always turns in her homework on time, she participates in class, and she does extra credit.   Eva shares this “secret” with the Big Dreamers, and explains why it is so important to take the easy wins in school and in life.

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