DB 277: How To Be Memorable! (A Lesson From My Trip To Florida)

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This past weekend, we enjoyed an extended weekend getaway in Miami, Florida. It is November and that means it is getting cold in most of the northern hemisphere. But in Miami, the sun was out, the ocean was warm, and everyone was so friendly. We also had the opportunity to catch up with lots of friends and family who live in Miami and the surrounding areas. Eva had a particularly strong connection with our friends Gregory and Iryna, who welcomed us into their home for a wonderful afternoon. Of course, everyone we visited was super nice to Eva but there was something special about her interaction with Gregory and Iryna that stood out. As we drove away from their house and waved goodbye, Eva said “Wow! I really like them and hope we can visit again sometime soon.” What made the interaction so memorable, and what can all Big Dreamers learn from the way Gregory and Iryna welcomed Eva into their home? Listen to this powerful episode to find out!


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