DB 278: My #1 Productivity Secret: N.E.T. Time!

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Eva often gets asked how she is able to get so much done — from being a full-time student to hosting the Dream BIg Podcast, not to mention all the extracurricular activities she’s involved in. And now, Eva is about to launch a second podcast which she will be producing entirely on her own.

So how does Eva find the time to do well in school while still pursuing her Big Dreams. Today, Eva shares her #1 Productivity secret: N.E.T. time. Have you heard of this acronym before? We first heard it from the great Tony Robbins, and have used N.E.T. to capture 1-3 hours per day of time that would otherwise not be utilized towards pursuing our Big Dreams.

To learn what the N.E.T acronym stands for, how Eva applies the concept in her own life, and how all Big Dreamers can do the same, be sure to listen to this fascinating episode!

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