DB 279: How To Get Along With Your Siblings (Works for Anyone!)

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We noticed recently that there have been way too many comparisons being made within our family. Sophia, our six year old, is constantly comparing (and complaining about) what her older sister Eva is allowed to do. Why can Eva stay up later? Why can Eva have sleepovers?

By comparison, Eva gets frustrated that we are not nearly as strict with Sophia and require more contributions from her in the house. For instance, Sophia sets the table for dinner (which takes only a few minutes), and Eva cleans all the dishes and the kitchen after dinner (which can take 30 minutes or more).

So the focus of this week’s episode is why is it never a good idea to compare yourself to others, especially to your siblings? Is this a recurring source of tension in your home, like it has been in ours! Then be sure to listen to this episode as a family and see how much the energy will improve in your home when you stop comparing yourself to others!

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