DB 291: Saying NO Can Be The Right Decision.

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At a family dinner a few weeks ago, the word NO became a subject of discussion and we were surprised to learn that our kids thought of NO as a “bad word.”

I guess that shouldn’t be a huge surprise because kids are taught from a young age not to say no to their parents or their teachers. And of course the word YES often has a positive connotation since we are encouraging our kids to say yes to their dreams, to pushing outside of their comfort zone, to taking on new challenges, etc.

We explained to Eva and Sophia that sometimes NO is the best answer you can give. Whether it is saying NO so you can prioritize your dreams (since there are only so many hours in a day) or saying NO to harmful choices like drugs or crimes.

Eva wanted to make sure all big dreamers also grasped this idea that NO is often the right answer, so we recorded this episode which we hope you all enjoy!

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