DB 296: A Glass Of Water Can Teach You This…

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Eva shares an important lesson about what we can learn from a glass of water, and it’s not about how drinking lots of water is healthy (which it is!).

Instead, it is an inspirational story about the weight of water. If you hold a glass of water for a few minutes, you probably won’t notice the weight. But what if you held that glass of water with your arm outstretched for 10 minutes, or 10 hours. That glass would start to feel very, very heavy. At some point, you wouldn’t be able to hold it any longer and it would fall to the ground.

This is a wonderful metaphor to explain what it is like holding on to stress and worries. There is a difference between being stressed for 10 seconds versus 10 minutes versus 10 hours, right? Eva shares why it is so important to not let your stresses weigh you down with a little help from this wonderful story about the weight of water.


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