DB 301: Meet Eva’s sister Sophia and mom Olga. 5 Fun Facts!

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Today’s episode is a huge one, and we are very excited about it! As you all know, Eva started Dream Big when she was just seven years old back in 2016. Eva’s little sister Sophia was born in 2015, and literally grew up listening to Eva podcasting and dreaming big that one day she would be a podcaster too.

That day has arrived! Sophia will be turning seven in June, so this is right about the same age as when Eva started podcasting. You already know and love Sophia from our Silly Sophia segment! Well today, you are going to learn a lot more about Sophia and get reacquainted with the woman that brought both of them into this world, Eva and Sophia’s amazing mom Olga Karpman.

Enjoy this episode where Olga and Sophia share fun facts about each other, and share their exciting vision for the future of Dream Big. If you miss Eva already, don’t worry! She’ll still be involved with the podcast and will be making appearances too.

Enjoy this episode!

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