DB 302: 5 Life Lessons Sophia Learned From Surfing (And Wiping Out)!

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We spent the month in April in Hawaii.  Practically every day we were in the water and watched in amazement the surfers catching and riding waves.  We knew the trip would not be complete without surf lessons!  So we found an amazing instructor not too far from where we were staying and thankfully he agreed to also train Sophia, who is a good swimmer but only six years old right now!  

In this episode, Sophia and Olga share our family’s experience surfing for the very first time, as well as important life lessons that we learned.  Without spoiling the episode, we are happy to share that Sophia did stand up and rode many waves on her very first outing.  

And Olga and Sophia both loved surfing so much that they just had another lesson this week.  So perhaps you will be hearing more stories in the future about Sophia catching waves.  In the meantime, enjoy this fun and enlightening episode about Sophia’s first surf lesson!

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