DB 306: The Power Of Compliments. And We Can Prove It!

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This weekend, we went to an art, yoga and music festival called Lightning It A Bottle (LIB) at Buena Vista Lake, just outside of Bakersfield, California. It was our first time camping at a festival like this with tens of thousands of people, and needless to say, our family saw people wearing outfits and expressing themselves in ways that you don’t typically see at your local CVS.

Sophia loves to give compliments and so as we were walking through the festival, she would constantly be stopping people and telling them how much she liked their hat, sunglasses, or dress.. We saw firsthand the power of compliments as she brought such huge smiles to everyone she complimented, and even had a few people gift her the things she complimented them on (as you’ll hear in the episode). You’ll love hearing Sophia and Olga describe our experience at the LIB festival and Sophia issues a challenge to all Big Dreamers that you won’t want to miss!

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