DB 323: Famous Failures Who Refused To Give Up

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Arianna Huffington, Bill Gates, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison & Steve Jobs — these are some of the most recognizable names and most successful people in the world. Do you know what they all have in common? They all had many many failures in life but they kept going. This week, Sophia and Olga talk about this very important subject, going in depth on what failure really means and, more importantly, why we should always decide to learn from failures.

In this episode, Sophia tells the story of how she learned the hard way that failure is the first step to successful creation. Sophia and Olga also talk about how to be kind to yourself in the face of failure, learn from your mistakes and also, share your experience so others will learn from it too.

We challenge all you Big Dreamers to think of a time when you experienced failure. What did you learn from it? Did you use that experience to become better? Let us know! Record a video about it and ask your parents to post it on Instagram or Facebook. Tag us @dreambigpodcast. We’re sure you’ll be inspired by this episode. Enjoy!

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