DB 327: A Spooky Halloween Episode With Treats, Jokes And More

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Today’s episode is a very special one. It’s our first ever Halloween edition! Each year on October 31st, here in the United States, we get dressed up with our spookiest costumes and go from house to house to say Trick or Treat!

But did you know that this well-loved tradition did not start in the USA? Many countries around the world like England and Mexico have their own versions too. Sophia and Olga also discover the interesting history of the classic Jack-o’-lanterns! We’ll talk about the different traditions and customs from all around the world!

Most importantly and especially for all you Big Dreamers who are scared of Halloween, Sophia and Olga will share some tips on how to overcome your fear and what activities you can try with your family to enjoy this time of the year!

Sophia challenges you this week to play a fun game with your family. Listen to the episode to find out more about this game! Enjoy this spooktacular episode!

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