DB 336: Loving Yourself Just the Way You Are: Tips and Strategies for Building Self-Acceptance

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Happy 2023 Big Dreamers! In today’s special episode, Sophia and Olga talk about the importance of loving and accepting ourselves just the way we are. We think this is the best topic to start the new year with because self-acceptance and self-love are essential for building confidence, living a happy and fulfilling life, and being able to truly embrace and appreciate the beauty of the world around us.

This week, Sophia shares a heartwarming poem about Snowy the snowman, who learned the importance of self-acceptance and self-love . Sophia and Olga also talk about ways on how you Big Dreamers can stay true to yourselves and how some other famous people who have struggled with self love and self acceptance can become your inspiration.

Our cool fun challenge for you this week will help you practice self-acceptance and celebrate all the things that make you special and unique. Make sure to listen to the episode to find out more. Enjoy!

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