DB 342: The Love Lab: The Science of Falling in Love

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Big Dreamers, do you know that from the moment we meet someone special, our brains start to work in overdrive and our hearts start to flutter? Have you ever wondered why this happens? What’s going on in our bodies when we fall in love? We all know how amazing it feels to be loved and to love someone else, but have you ever wondered how love works? Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and we’re so excited to celebrate love and friendship with all of you!

Today, Sophia and Olga will talk about the psychology and biology behind love and attraction to get a better understanding of it. They will answer why love is important in our lives. They will also share the four different stages of falling in love.

Love can make the world a better place and help us build strong relationships with the people around us. But always remember that love should always start within. Happy Valentine’s Day, Big Dreamers! Enjoy listening to the episode.

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