DB 362: Out of This World: An Interview with Astronaut Chris Hadfield

Out Of This World

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In this week’s Dream Big Podcast post, we’re delighted to take you back to one of our most stellar episodes — our engaging interview with the iconic astronaut Chris Hadfield! In this riveting rebroadcast, we re-visit Hadfield’s incredible journey from his early dreams of space exploration to becoming the first Canadian to fly in space and command the International Space Station.

As we unpack his out-of-this-world experiences, prepare to be spellbound by Chris’s personal insights into what life is really like in zero gravity. Ever wondered why bread isn’t on the menu for astronauts, or how long it takes to travel to the space station? Get ready for these exciting revelations and more, direct from the man who’s lived it!

But our conversation isn’t confined to the cosmos. Chris shares his academic journey, revealing how his studies and an unwavering dedication helped him achieve his dreams. Moreover, he opens up about his views on self-doubt, celebrating small victories, and of course, the power and importance of dreaming big.

Whether you’re a long-time follower of the Dream Big Podcast or a new dreamer in our family, this rebroadcast offers an inspiring peek into the life of a person who truly dared to dream beyond the stars.

Join us on this extraordinary space journey, and who knows, you might just be inspired to reach for your own stars. Remember, the sky is just the beginning when it comes to dreaming big!


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