DB 369: School Days, Positive Ways: Mastering the Friendship Formula!

Mastering the Friendship Formula

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Hey Big Dreamers! Guess what? We’re taking a little trip down memory lane with a rebroadcast of one of Eva’s faves on the Dream Big Podcast. https://dreambigpodcast.com/369

Remember the early days of school, figuring out which lunch table to sit at? Eva’s got a fun challenge for all you students out there! In this episode, she’s dishing out some real talk about choosing buddies who bring all the good vibes. And, you know Eva, she’s got the science to back it up. But she also keeps it real about what happens if you hang with the not-so-sunny crowd. Whether you’re heading into the classroom or just need a refresher on surrounding yourself with the right peeps, this episode’s for you. So, tune in and kick off this school year with all the positivity! Enjoy!

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