DB 377: From Witches To Wonder Women: The Story of Halloween Costumes

Wonder Women

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Dive deep into the magical realm of Halloween with Sophia and Olga Karpman on the “Dream Big Podcast.” Episode 377 is nothing short of enchanting! From the whispers of ancient Celts and their eerie beliefs to the fashionable strides of witches through time and superheroes’ evolution from comic books to our modern-day Halloween streets, there’s a story for everyone.

Venture into the world of the 20th century’s most iconic costumes, learn about Halloween themes birthed by legends like Edith Head, John Carpenter, and Tim Burton, and delight in a whimsical riddle revealing Sophia’s costume choice – hinting at a timeless tale involving a playful hop and a mysterious rabbit hole.

But the magic doesn’t stop there! This episode promises more than mere tales; it’s a journey through time, spellbinding for listeners of all ages. So, fellow Big Dreamers, as the season of spooks and sparkles envelops us, embrace your uniqueness and let your dreams shimmer this Halloween.

Dive into the enchantment now! Episode 377

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