DB 384: Surfing Legend Laird Hamilton On His Big Dream To Ride The World’s Biggest Waves

Ride The World’s Biggest Waves

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REBROADCAST. It is not very often that Eva interviews a guest who has had multiple full-length documentary movies made about them. Usually to do her research, Eva has to find numerous videos on Youtube and read articles authored by the guest to adequately prepare for an interview. With this week’s guest — Laird Hamilton — our family watched the movie: Take Every Wave: The Life of Laird Hamilton — and we immediately knew that Laird was a Big Dreamer who we would love to have on the podcast. We were thrilled when he agreed!

Laird Hamilton is best known as an American big-wave surfer and pioneer in the world of action water sports. As part of Laird’s quest to ride the world’s biggest waves — he actually invented new surfing techniques — including among others, tow-in surfing where a separate person on a jet ski pulls you into a wave, and also Foil Boarding — which is hard to describe but is shown in the documentary where you are actually standing on a board above the water line.
Over the last decade, Laird has transcended from surfing to become an international fitness icon and nutrition expert. Many of today’s top professional athletes and celebrities look to Laird for training guidance, including instruction in his unique underwater resistance workouts.

It was a true honor to have Laird on the podcast as Eva’s guest, and we know you will enjoy their conversation.


  • Laird’s childhood and how he found escape in the ocean.
  • How Laird always believed that he could one day get paid to do what he loves – which was surf, while doing other jobs from construction to modeling and even acting.
  • Laird shares his favorite quote, “All things are possible for the believers,” and why it is very important to believe in yourself.
  • What Laird loves about Big Wave Surfing.
  • What drives Laird’s innovative spirit and his Big Dream for how innovations like tow-in surfing and Foil Boarding will ultimately impact the sport.
  • How Laird balances being a dad and a husband while constantly chasing the world’s biggest waves.
  • Laird’s advice to his 10-year old self.
  • The trait that enabled Laird to take his big dreams and make them a reality.
  • How Laird overcome his fears and doubts.
  • Laird’s Big Dream for the future.
  • And so much more!


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