DB 392: Celebrating Kobe Bryant: An Exclusive Interview on Curiosity, Teamwork, and Big Dreams

Exclusive Interview on Curiosity

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In honor of the late and legendary Kobe Bryant, we are thrilled to present a special rebroadcast of an interview that Eva Karpman conducted with him on the Dream Big Podcast a few years ago. As we reflect on Kobe’s extraordinary career and the profound impact he left both on and off the basketball court, we invite you to join us in commemorating his life and his unwavering commitment to inspiring others.

During the interview, Kobe opened up about his journey following his retirement from basketball and his pivot into the realm of storytelling, which became the central focus of his next life chapter. He shared invaluable life lessons gleaned from his remarkable 20-year basketball career, underscoring how these experiences shaped his latest venture, The Punies—a family-friendly podcast that imparts crucial life lessons through the art of storytelling.

Kobe also emphasized the importance of teaching young minds how to navigate the highs and lows of life, elaborated on the qualities he sought when selecting actors for The Punies, highlighted the transformative power of teamwork, and stressed the significance of surrounding oneself with individuals who believe in their dreams. Throughout the conversation, Kobe’s passion for nurturing the aspirations of the next generation of dreamers radiated brightly.

We extend a heartfelt invitation for you to listen to this interview, where you can gain profound insights into Kobe Bryant’s remarkable journey and the enduring impact of his work, which persisted even after he stepped away from professional basketball. Please join us in honoring his memory and celebrating his BIG DREAM for the future.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Why Kobe chose storytelling for the next phase of his career.
  • Valuable lessons Kobe learned from his two-decade-long basketball career.
  • The concept behind Kobe’s project, The Punies.
  • How Kobe’s daughter connected with one of The Good Ol’ Gang characters.
  • The importance of imparting the wisdom of handling both victory and defeat to children.
  • Kobe’s perspective on the transformative power of teamwork.
  • The significance of surrounding oneself with believers in one’s dreams.
  • Kobe’s enduring BIG DREAM for the future.

Sadly, after Kobe’s passing, they stopped making more Punies episodes. But you can still listen to the ones already released by clicking here.


Don’t miss a very special cameo of Sophia in this episode. She was only 3 years old at that time, and it’s incredible to see how she’s been a part of this podcast journey since she was so little. Enjoy the episode!

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