DB 401: How To Overcome the ‘I’m Not Good Enough’ Mindset


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In this transformative episode of the Big Dreamers Podcast, Eva Karpman dives deep into one of the most universal challenges we all face: silencing the inner critic that whispers, ‘you’re not good enough.’ https://dreambigpodcast.com/401

Drawing from an outpouring of questions from our dedicated listeners across emails and social media, we’ve crafted a special episode that promises to empower, enlighten, and inspire. Eva shares not only personal insights but practical strategies to tackle self-doubt head-on, turning those thoughts into stepping stones for growth and success. This episode isn’t just a listen; it’s a life lesson that you’ll carry with you, learning to navigate and overcome the hurdles of self-doubt that can shape our lives in profound ways. Tune in to transform how you confront the ‘not good enough’ mindset and redefine your path to greatness.

P.S Back by popular demand, this episode of the Big Dreamers Podcast is a special encore presentation, revisiting one of our most impactful topics.


Everyone has moments of doubt, that’s a completely normal feeling
It’s how you handle that negative self talk that is so revealing

You can destroy you life if you believe that what the mean voice inside your head says is true
Or you reclaim your life if you tell that mean voice, You are not welcome. I’ve got important work to do

So next time your big dreams get off track and you find yourself stuck in the “Locked Out” screen
Just remember the Password is to re-focus on your dreams and kick out the voice that is mean.


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