DB 406: Yoko Ono: Art, Dreams, and Peace

Art, Dreams, and Peace

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Have you ever wondered how one person’s creativity can change the world? Dive into the imaginative world of Yoko Ono with us in this episode of the Dream Big Podcast, hosted by Sopha Karpman.

In this episode, we explore the vibrant and revolutionary journey of Yoko Ono—an iconic artist and peace activist who alongside John Lennon imagined a world filled with love and harmony. 

Yoko’s story is not just about art; it’s about resilience, courage, and a relentless pursuit of peace.From her challenging childhood during World War II to her groundbreaking art performances and life of activism, learn how Yoko’s dreams and actions continue to inspire a global conversation about peace. 

Stay tuned till the end and explore how even the smallest acts of kindness and creativity can make a big difference. 

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