DB 412: oz rebroadcast


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Big Dreamers, ready to have your minds blown? This week, while Sophia is off at camp enjoying her vacation, we’re bringing you a special rebroadcast of one of our all-time favorite episodes! Originally recorded in 2018, when Eva was the same age as Sophia is now, this episode takes us into the extraordinary world of mentalism with the amazing Oz Pearlman. And Oz blew our minds by knowing exactly what we were thinking… live over the phone! Whether you’re new to the Dream Big Podcast or a long-time listener, we thought it would be cool to dive back into this gem that might have gotten buried in our timeline.

What You’ll Discover:

The Art of Mentalism: Dive into what it means to be a mentalist and how Oz captivates audiences with his incredible mind-reading abilities. A Passion for Mentalism: Learn why Oz chose mentalism over traditional magic, making him a unique and captivating performer. Crafting His Skill: Discover how Oz collaborates with other mentalists and magicians to hone his craft and elevate his performances. America’s Got Talent Journey: Hear the captivating story of how Oz made it to the finals of America’s Got Talent, including his multiple attempts at auditioning. Early Beginnings: Uncover the age at which Oz realized his passion for magic and the key moments that shaped his career. Advice for Young Magicians: Get invaluable advice from Oz for young dreamers aspiring to become magicians or mentalists. Handling the Unexpected: Learn how Oz handles tricks that don’t go as planned and his strategies for delivering mesmerizing performances. Big Dreams for the Future: Be inspired by Oz’s vision for the future and his aspirations in the world of magic. Mind-Reading Feats: Experience the thrill as Oz reads the minds of Eva and Olga during the show—an unforgettable moment! Fan Encounters: Hear about the craziest thing a fan has ever said to Oz, adding a touch of humor to his journey.


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