DB 415: Evanna Lynch on Harry Potter, Veganism, Animal Rights, And So Much More!


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This week’s rebroadcast episode is truly special. Eva was beyond thrilled when we got confirmation that Evanna Lynch, one of her favorite actresses from the Harry Potter films, would be joining us on the Dream Big Podcast. Eva’s pure excitement in getting to talk one-on-one with someone she truly admires like Evanna Lynch is a testament to how amazing this experience has been for her as the host of the Dream Big Podcast.

Of course, Eva could not wait to get the inside scoop from Evanna on what it was like to play Luna Lovegood in the Harry Potter movies. But as you’ll see, she also enjoyed learning about Evanna’s other passions and current projects. Thank you so much to Evanna for being Eva’s guest, and to Lucy for getting it scheduled. We are so grateful for the opportunity, and know that all the Big Dreamers in our audience will love the conversation.


  • Where Evanna grew up as a young child, and how old she was when she first started acting.
  • How Evanna felt in her first days on set when she found herself actually acting with Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint, and the rest of the amazing cast.
  • Evanna shares her favorite memories and experiences from the sets of Harry Potter.
  • What Evanna told J.K. Rowling the first time she met her.
  • The Harry Potter cast members who Evanna remains in close contact with.
  • What it is like to audition for roles where she does not get the part — and how she has been able to keep her head up and keep at it even when she doesn’t get a role she is excited for.
  • How she became an activist for animal rights.
  • What veganism is and why Evanna started the podcast Chick Peeps.
  • Why she started Kinder Beauty Box, a company that sends monthly beauty products that are vegan and cruelty-free.
  • What made Evanna decide to participate in Dancing With The Stars and lessons she learned from the experience.
  • Evanna’s favorite thing to do when she’s not working.
  • Evanna’s advice to her 10-year-old self.
  • The trait that enabled her to take her big dreams and make them a reality.
  • Evanna’s Big Dream for the future!
  • And so much more!


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