DB 002: Dana Wilde On How To “Train Your Brain” To Achieve Your Dreams

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In today’s episode, Eva and Olga welcome Dana Wilde, the best selling author of Train Your Brain and President/CEO of The Mind Aware, an organization currently helping thousands of entrepreneurs, small-business owners, and independent professionals to grow their businesses in record time. On her own podcast, The Mind Aware Show, Dana interviews celebrity experts on positive mindset and cutting edge marketing strategies for entrepreneurs. She is also passionate about helping animals, playing baritone ukulele, practicing Kundalini yoga, and creating raw food dishes.


  • What it means to be a “Brain Trainer.”
  • What to do when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed.
  • What does Mind Awareness mean and why is it so important to be self-aware.
  • How you can train your brain to think more positively.
  • What mantras are and how kids can use them too.
  • The benefits of positive thinking in a variety of aspects of your life, from taking tests to improving skills at a sport and even convincing your parents to get a dog!
  • Why it is important to start the day with positive intention.
  • What Dana does for fun when she is not working, and why it is important to take breaks and how it can boost your productivity.
  • The correlation between happiness and success.
  • The secret to getting over moments of doubt.



In this episode, Dana stressed the importance of mantras and how they could have a beneficial impact on your life. We are challenging you to do 7-days of positive mantras.  Start the day off right by reciting your mantra out loud and really believe the words as you say them.  We created this personalized mantra tracker sheet that you can use to add your own face and name to the sheet, and track your progress!   This is a 100% free download and you can create as many as you want — we encourage the entire family to participate!  Click here to claim you free download.



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