DB 039: Strength Sensei Charles Poliquin On Training World-Class Athletes And His Fitness Tips For You!

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In today’s episode, Olga and Eva welcome Charles Poliquin, who definitely wins the award for coolest nickname of any Dream Big Podcast Guest:  The Strength Sensei. Charles has trained more than 800 Olympians and is an expert on muscle, strength, and sports performance. He is known worldwide for producing faster and stronger athletes. He has trained athletes from 23 different sports including athletes from summer and winter Olympics, the NHL, NFL, NBA, soccer and wrestling. He’s also an author of more than 600 articles on strength training and has published 8 books.


  • When Charles discovered his passion for fitness.
  • How Charles turned his passion into a career.
  • The importance of having breakfast and the best food to eat in the morning.
  • Where the nickname “Strength Sensei” came from.
  • Why Charles shares his passion to everyone – not just athletes.
  • Why we need to drink a lot of water everyday.
  • Why exercising can give you more energy throughout the day.
  • Charles’ advice on the best for kids.
  • Charles’ most embarrassing moment.
  • Charles’ Big Dream for the future.


Charles went over so many helpful tips for your health and fitness in this episode. One that really stood out is the importance of drinking water throughout the day, and particularly to drink water as soon as you wake up which will help your body flush out the pollutants that your liver created while you were sleeping. You’ll also find that drinking more water will give you much higher energy levels.  We created this awesome illustration to encourage you to drink a glass of water in the morning as soon as you get out of bed. As always, this Dream Big Podcast download can be customized with your face and name, and it is 100% free to download. Click here to claim you free download.  

If this coming week you complete the Water Challenge, please let Olga know by emailing her at [email protected]. You will be entered into a drawing for a $50 Amazon Gift card.  Winners are selected monthly and contacted by email (as well as announced on our show!).  June’s winner was Sophia Saltzberg from Queens NY. Congrats Sophia!


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