DB 051: The Power Of PLAY – How KaBOOM! Is Changing Communities One Playspace At A Time

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This week’s topic is one that I’m sure most of our young Big Dreamers are going to love hearing about…  PLAY! Every child loves to play, but unfortunately not every kid has the same access to safe playspaces. It turns out that other than being fun, active play has been scientifically proven to be critical to a child’s physical and social development. Fortunately, there are organizations that are working to make sure that every child gets the childhood they deserve, and leading the way in providing safe and fun playspaces is the national nonprofit KaBOOM! We were honored to have Amy Levner, Vice President of Communications and Marketing at KaBOOM!, to discuss the importance of play and the vital work KaBOOM! is doing to ensure that every child’s life is filled with balanced and active play. KaBOOM! Is building its 3000th (yes three thousand!) playground this fall, and each playground is spreading happiness and joy to the thousands of kids and families who get to play on them.

Please enjoy our interview with Amy and then get outside and play with your friends and loved ones! And be sure to check out the KaBOOM website to find out about how you can get involved with this wonderful organization and even help contribute to its 3000th playground. KaBOOM! even has a page (kaboom.org/playce4kids) dedicated to its 3000th build, which will be a beautiful playground in our nation’s capital to commemorate the organization’s founding 22 years ago; provide a new, safe place to play; and, celebrate the work we’ve accomplished together. Even if you won’t be in D.C. on October 18, you can celebrate with KaBOOM! by going to your favorite “PLAYce”and posting a pic with #playceforkids. What an incredible milestone and thank you again Amy for joining us on the podcast to tell us about this amazing organization.


  • Amy’s hometown and her favorite thing to do as a child.
  • The reason why Amy decided to join the KaBOOM! team and why its mission deeply resonated with her.
  • How KaBOOM! encourages kids to take an active role in the actual design of the playgrounds.
  • How long it takes KaBOOM! to build a playground – with the help of volunteers of course!
  • How you can become a KaBOOM! volunteer.
  • Amy explains the many scientifically-backed benefits of playing.  As if having fun was not reason enough!
  • Amy shares some examples of the typically boring places that KaBOOM! has turned into fun and awesome playspaces.
  • Amy describes the BIG DREAM KaBOOM! has for the future.
  • And so much more!



Big Dreamers! We know you are going to love this week’s challenge! In honor of KaBOOM! building its 3000th playground, we are asking you to go out and play! Grownups, on October 21, please take your child to their favorite “PLAYce” and use the hastag #playceforkids to bring awareness to this amazing milestone. We even created a special download to commemorate the occasion with beautiful artwork for you to enjoy. You can claim the free download here





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