DB 060: Endurance Athlete Sophie Radcliffe On Her “One Life, Live It” Philosophy

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Eva and Olga are thrilled to introduce this week’s guest, Sophie Radcliffe, to our Big Dreamers. Sophie is an endurance athlete, adventurer and blogger. She has run, swam, cycled and climbed her way around the world. Her challenges have grown each time to reach higher or further than before. She is the only person in history to have climbed the highest mountains in the eight Alpine countries and cycled between them, climbing five times the height of Mount Everest in 32 days. She is also a two-time Ironman finisher.  Not too shabby!

Sophie’s philosophy in life is “One Life, Live It” and her life decisions truly embody that way of thinking.  We hope that you enjoy listening to this interview as much as we loved chatting with her.


  • What Sophie dreamed of doing as a child.
  • At what point Sophie realized that she needed to quit her office job and start doing what makes her happy.
  • Sophie shares the meaning of her long-time philosophy in life – One Life, Live it.
  • How Sophie deals with the voice in her head that tells her to quit.
  • Sophie shares why it is important to get out of your comfort zone.
  • Sophie shares how her mom and grandmom inspired her to live the life she has now.
  • Sophie shares what her new program, the Youth Empowerment Initiative, is all about.
  • The most unforgettable place Sophie has visited.
  • Sophie’s hobbies and activities she does for fun on a lazy weekend.
  • Sophie’s BIG DREAM for the future.



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