DB 107: Joe De Sena Returns With His Family To Inspire Us All To Be Spartans!

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We’ve had a ton of amazing guests on the Dream Big Podcast.   So when we started to talk about inviting a previous guest back on – there was no shortage of choices.   But there was one guest that came immediately to Eva’s mind when we asked her who she wanted to talk to again… JOE DE SENA.  

Joe was on Episode 27 of the podcast.   We encourage you to go back and listen to that episode where Eva really goes through Joe’s lifelong journey as entrepreneur — , from selling fireworks at age eight, to starting a t-shirt business in high school, to his latest venture and passion for obstacle racing.   Joe is the founder of Spartan, a brand that he and his team have grown to become the world’s leading obstacle racing company with over 170 events in 25+ countries and 1 million-plus global participants.

As you’ll learn in the episode, Joe was responsible for introducing us to many of our future guests and invited our family up to Lake Tahoe for the Spartan World Championship last year.  We wanted to invite him back on to say thank you, and to see what he’s been up in the last year. What’s exciting is that he was at home with his family, and as you’ll see we ended up having 4 of De Senas on the show!  This is a family-friendly podcast but this brings a whole new meaning to family friendly. We hope you enjoy this fun episode!


  • Why Joe is the first and only repeat guest of the Dream Big Podcast.
  • Another first-time record set in over 100 episodes: first time a whole family joined Eva and Olga.
  • Joe De Sena refreshes our memory about the Spartan Race – what it is and why it has become a worldwide phenomenon.
  • How Joe worked hard to spread the Spartan Race ideals to 41 countries, 1 million participants and 275 events. And counting!
  • How kids can train and join a Spartan Race.
  • Hear all about Eva’s first Spartan Race experience: how the event in Lake Tahoe changed her life, opened her up to bigger and brighter opportunities, and allowed her to find her next big dream: to be a DJ!
  • Learn more about Joe’s two sons – Jack and Charlie – who have done a ton of races and marathons – and their future Big Dreams.
  • The De Sena family’s secret to accomplishing their Big Dreams.
  • Joe talks about the importance of setting stretch goals and dreaming BIG.
  • Joe’s wife, Courtney, gives her take on the importance of finding your tribe to achieve your goals.
  • Where and how to sign up for Spartan races, including ones for your kids!
  • Why the Spartan Race is an ideal bonding experience for the whole family — even kids as young as two years old can join!



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