DB 217 – Siri Lindley, World Champion Triathlete, With The Most Beautiful Description Of Gratitude That You Will Ever Hear!

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A few months ago, we asked Eva which former guests she would want to have on the Dream Big Podcast.   She immediately thought of Siri Lindley,  the former World Champion triathlete who dominated the world rankings for years as the #1 triathlete in the world.  During the interview, Siri and Eva bonded over their mutual love of horses, and Siri has an amazing non-profit  Believe Ranch and Rescue which rescues horses and finds them loving homes.  

When we checked out Siri’s instagram to see what she had been up to, we noticed that Siri had lost all of her hair and quickly learned that Siri is recovering from a bone marrow transplant.  In the midst of her battle not only did Siri agree to come back on the podcast, but she delivers the most honest and beautiful response imaginable.  I think all of our listeners — kids and adults alike — will gain so much insight and practical tips by taking 5 minutes to listen to what Siri has to say about the power of gratitude.   In addition to publishing the audio on iTunes, we also posted Siri’s full video response on our Instagram page.  We highly recommend you watch the video because there is something very powerful about seeing Siri, who is clearly still in her battle, talk so eloquently about the power of gratitude.  

We love you Siri and wish you a speedy recovery.  When you are fully recovered and this pandemic is over, we would love to visit you and give you, Bek and your beautiful horses a hug at the ranch.


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