DB 221: Believe In The End Of The Story!

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This episode is inspired by Jesse Itzler. Our family is part of his Build Your Life Resume Calendar Club, so as part of that club, we have been blessed to enjoy a ton of his content. What we love about Jesse is how he breaks down really complicated concepts into simple-to-remember catch phrases. In this episode, Eva shares a 6 word phrase that Jesse coined that will make all the difference as to whether you turn your big dreams into a reality. That 6 word phrase is… “Believe In The End Of The Story.”

To give you some context, Jesse is currently training for an Ultraman race next year, and the most challenging component of that race for him will be a 6 mile open water swim since he is not an experienced swimmer. Jesse shared how he recently gave up during one of his practice swims, but that because he :believes in the end of the story” — in this case completing the Ultraman — he was able to chalk it up to just a bad day and will continue training for the race.

Expanding on Jesse’s concept, Eva shares how believing in the end of the story is so important for any goal or big dream that you have in life. If you don’t believe you can accomplish something, then why would you bother to try? Big Dreams are difficult to achieve. You will hit obstacles. There will be moments of failure. But if you remember Jesse’s phrase to “believe in the end of the story,” then you will keep on pushing and moving towards your dream.

Thank you Jesse for inspiring yet another episode of the Dream Big Podcast. Eva believes in the end of the story that Jesse will one day be a guest on the Dream Big podcast, and we’ll keep on working towards that goal until we can introduce Jesse to all the Big Dreamers.


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