DB 350 – The Power of Persistence: Sophia’s Journey to 50 Episodes and Beyond

The Power of Persistence

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Big Dreamers, get ready to celebrate a big milestone in this 350th episode of the Dream Big Podcast! Join our witty and talented host, Sophia Karpman, and her Mom Olga as they reflect on the journey of the past year. Sophia has recorded an impressive 50 episodes, and in this milestone episode, she shares some of the most valuable lessons she’s learned in the past year of podcasting. With her signature humor and practical advice, Sophia offers insights that would be invaluable to young entrepreneurs who are dreaming big. She discusses the process of podcasting and her involvement in it, from researching topics and outlining episodes to recording solo episodes and collaborating with fellow podcasters. Sophia’s advice to other big dreamers who want to start their own podcast or business is to just go for it, have fun, ask for help, and never forget to dream big. And the celebration doesn’t stop there – we’re also giving away gift cards to some lucky listeners. Tune in to this episode because you never know, you may hear your name! Enjoy the show and keep dreaming big!

You’ll hear:

>> Reflection on a major milestone for the Dream Big Podcast – it’s 350th episode.

>> Valuable lessons learned by the host Sophia Karpman over the past year of podcasting.

>> Insights and practical advice for young entrepreneurs who are dreaming big.

>> Discussion of the process of podcasting and Sophia’s involvement in it.

>> A challenge for big dreamers like you…

Plus much, much more! So if you’re ready for a fun and strategy-filled episode, then press play right now!

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