DB 003: How BLACK Overcame Bullying With A Yo-Yo And Became A World Champion

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In this episode, Eva and Olga welcome world Yo-Yo champion, Cirque du Soleil artist and TED speaker, BLACK.
Like millions of others, we first fell in love with BLACK’s craft through his magical performance at the TED conference.  As of this publication, his TED video has over 5M views and we encourage all of our listeners to enjoy BLACK’s performance here.

Known for practicing more than 10,000 hours to master the yo-yo, BLACK’s big dream is to show the world that anything is possible as long as you believe in yourself.  We are honored to have him as a guest on the Dream Big Podcast.


  • How you can teach yourself any skill, even ones that are not formally taught at your school.
  • Why there is bullying at schools, and how understanding the reason behind bullying can help kids coping with the problem.
  • How improving at a skill (like yo-yo) can improve your confidence and have a positive impact on other areas in your life.
  • The importance of picking a career that you are passionate about (hint: it makes you a lot happier!)
  • How BLACK mixed video game moves and yo-yo tricks to create an art form that previously did not exist.
  • BLACK’s tips to our listeners for getting started with a yo-yo.



At the time BLACK first became the World Yo-Yo Champion, there was no clear career path for him to make a living as a yo-yo performer.   But BLACK did not give up on his dream.  Instead, he invented an entirely new art form that combines yo-yo with other disciplines including martial arts and dance.  BLACK showed the importance of “thinking outside the box” and by doing so, he has been able to achieve great success as a professional yo-yo artist.

For this episode’s bonus sheet, we are encouraging all of our guests to think outside the box with a brain teaser challenge that literally requires you to “think outside the box.”  As always, this is a 100% free download that you can personalize with your face and name — and you can make one for each member of the family.   Click Here to claim you free download.



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