DB 238: A Tiny Decision To Make Every Morning To Make It A GREAT Day!

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This episode is inspired by the great Mel Robbins, who was Eva’s guest way back in episode 47 of the Dream Big Podcast.  We have been closely following Mel’s work ever since, particularly her Youtube and Instagram channels, which are chock-full of amazing content.  

Mel recently posted a video on her Instagram entitled “This Split Second Decision Will Change Your Life” — an intriguing headline so of course we clicked and watched.  Mel explains in the video how we can decide who we want to be, each and every day, with one simple decision.   Mel’s message really resonated with Eva, who a few days prior had woke up in a bad mood and stayed in a funk for most of the morning before she finally made a shift in her energy.  With Mel’s advice, Eva realized that she could have skipped the bad mood entirely and wanted to share Mel’s tip with all you Big Dreamers 🙂


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