DB 287: The Best Gratitude Exercise Of All Time!

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Gratitude is a recurring topic of discussion on the Dream Big Podcast. Over the years, Eva has shared a ton of ideas on how to practice gratitude, from visualization exercises to gratitude diaries to our family’s daily practice of expressing gratitude at the dinner table.

Today however, Eva wanted to share her favorite idea for expressing gratitude, courtesy of Tony and Sage Robbins who recently shared how they create an annual slideshow of all their favorite memories from the year. Not only do they have so much fun selecting the photos and adding their favorite music, but it becomes a slideshow that they can then rewatch whenever they need a good ol’ dose of gratitude.

What a great idea, and Eva shares why she is so excited about creating a 2021 highlight reel slideshow for our family, as well as her favorite apps for creating slideshows with minimal effort (other than going through Olga’s thousands of photos to pick out her favorite ones!).


Slideshow Apps like Movavi, PicPlayPost

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