DB 349: Money Matters: How Kids Can Eatn Their Own Cash. Part 2

Money Matters: How Kids Can Earn Their Own Cash. Part 2

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In today’s episode of the Dream Big Podcast, Sophia and Olga continued their Money Matters series with part 2 where they discussed how kids can make their own money and come up with their own business ideas. 

The episode includes tips and strategies on how kids can approach creating their unique business idea while gaining confidence in their abilities. It is a unique blend of their personal entrepreneurial experiences and knowledge that they gained from interviews with famous guests on the Dream Big Podcast such as billionaires Mark Cuban and Naveen Jain, among others. 

The goal of this episode is to provide step-by-step instructions and 101 Business Ideas For Kids, to help them come up with an idea that can bring them extra cash or even make them a millionaire one day. You never know! We hope that many of the listeners will become famous and rich like Elon Musk or Bill Gates someday. It all started with just an idea, right? 

So go ahead, download our FREE playbook of  101 Business Ideas For Kids, listen to the entire episode, and share it with friends and family. Enjoy!”

Love and Dream Big!

P.S If you missed the Money Matters part 1, we highly recommend that you listen to it first. Also stay tuned, as we will be working hard to create the third part for you soon, which will be all about smart savings and spending. So stay tuned for more exciting content!


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