DB 361: Adventures in Balance: Sky-High Lessons on Adapting & Thriving

Adventures in Balance

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In this thrilling episode of the Dream Big Podcast, Sophia Karpman takes the reins for the first time, piloting us on an incredible solo adventure directly from the sun-soaked skies of Baja California, Mexico. She recounts a tale about more than just zip-lining – it’s a journey filled with important lessons on balance, adaptability, and navigating ‘wobbly bridges’ in life. 

This is an episode you won’t want to miss – it’s perfect for anyone facing a challenge, wanting to conquer a fear, or just needing a dose of inspirational fun during a family car ride. So, strap in, tune in, and get ready to be inspired by Sophia’s vibrant energy and zest for life as she embarks on her first solo adventure on the Dream Big Podcast.

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